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Motherboards for personal computers, counters, tachographs, LED and any others from backplanes to tablets, more than 250 types of products in total

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CONTRACT manufactiring pcb

Balt-Optim LLC - the Kaliningrad production site of INCOTEX ELECTRONICS GROUP holding was recognized by the expert community as the best contract manufacturer: "ExpoElectronica 2021" award in the category Contract manufacturing and development

from 1 PCB to mass production

Prototype → pilot batch → testing the technology of serial installation → serial production - we do it professionally

delivery to your adress

Convenient logistics - we will deliver finished products quickly and on time

Customer's personal account
on-line support of each order

Monitoring the execution of Orders on any device in real time
Prompt provision of any forms of reporting
Automatic exchange with your CRM

quality assurance

ISO 9001:2015 (ГОСТ Р ИСО 9001-2015)

ISO14001:2015 (ГОСТ Р ИСО 14001-2016)

ISO 45001:2018 (ГОСТ Р ИСО 45001-2020)

About us

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If you like it when the work is done at the right time by a professional team and want to see the stages of your order on any devices at any time - we will tell you why need order for create your product from us


"Balt-Optim" LLC is an experienced contract manufacturer.
A production site in the Kaliningrad region, part of the INCOTEX ELECTRONICS GROUP holding - the largest developer and manufacturer of radio-electronic products in Russia.
We invite you to visit our plant

Full service

From Idea to Product. Prototype - Test batch - Debugging the technology - Major series release - All this with us. We help our Customers go through the path of creating an electronic product: from development through optimization of production costs and to the shipment of finished products to any address within our planet


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Our advantages



The product quality satisfy the requirements of IPC-A-610D and GOST R IEC 61192, the process satisfy the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 and the principles of lean manufacturing.
Flexible automated accounting system for components and semi-finished products on each the production sector online with control in the Customer's personal account

Committed to customer satisfaction and success

The customer has no such problems that we would not know how to solve. You just need to place an order, and how to speed up or solve emerging issues is our job.
Reliable accounting of the complete set and semi-finished products, minimal technological losses in the production process, a personal account with tracking the status of orders and uploading documentation - for each Customer

extensive opportunities production

Your order will be made on high-tech equipment by surface mount (SMT), mounting DIP components (THT) with automatic quality control (AOI, ICT, FCT, X-ray). At the request by the Customer, we can perform cleaning of PCB, laser marking, programming product

service and delivery

Ordering the implementation of an idea (from development to release of a finished product) directly from the manufacturer with a quality guarantee, compliance with deadlines, prompt provision of information required by the Customer and delivery of finished products to any specified location


Surface mount (SMT)

High-performance workshop with automatic quality control at every stage of production

  • Three production line with 300000 cph (IPC9850)
  • Minimum component size packages - 0201
  • PCB board largest size: 500x500mm or 800x360mm
  • Automatic quality control of soldering (AOI) in line pre-/post reflow
  • Mounting any type BGA

Trought hole mount (THT)

Equipment for various types of soldering gives production flexibility from layout to batch

  • New solder wave assembly line
  • Two selective soldering lines
  • Manual solder sector with 24 workplace
  • Soldering in an inert atmosphere (N2)

Quality control

Own test equipment guarantees product quality control

  • Automated quality management: from acceptance of components and use they in production to sending finished products to customers
  • X-Ray control, ICT, FCT
  • Online analytics of detected defects with corrective actions

Additional servises

What else can we offer ours, depending on the requirements of the Customer

  • Automatic PCB cleaning
  • Marking by laser & labels
  • Programming product
  • Personal account with tracking the status of orders and uploading documentation
  • Automatic reports on the installed components to each PCB and other reports at the desire of the Customer

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238210, Kaliningrad region, Gvardeysk, Shkolny per.,3-34

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